The International Machinery Information Network (cnpansky.com) was founded in 2000. It has gone from the basic service of e-commerce to the road of mechanical platforms. After 6 years of hard work by all employees, it now has a high-quality and highly aware of the development of the Internet. With its professional staff team, the website is backed by the large Chinese machinery market, achieving global integration of mechanical resources, a unified platform, unified branding through media such as the Internet, exhibitions, magazines, etc., and all-round promotion, greatly reducing the information of various companies. The cost of publicity and advertising quickly promoted commercial exchanges in the global machinery market.
International Machinery Information Network has the fastest-growing machinery online trade and machinery industry among its peers based on the characteristics of leading technology, strong professionalism, large amount of information, high member quality, comprehensive content, large traffic, and innovative business models. Information service providers have formed a good reputation in the industry, and have high customer loyalty and popularity! At present, the International Machinery Information Network has 250,000 high-quality machinery members and more than 2,500 machinery links members. Since 2006, there have been more than 20,000 new members each month and 8 million visits. More than 2,309 new supply and demand business opportunities have been added daily, and more than 12,150 sales enquiries (feedbacks) have been received each month. 114, the above data has been growing rapidly. It is expected that in less than half a year, the International Machinery Information Network will be the largest mechanical professional portal of mechanical information among all domestic counterparts, and will be from more than 220 countries in the next year. And more than 6 million companies and businessmen in the region provide online business services!
In today's economic globalization, the International Machinery Information Network (cnpansky.com) adheres to the goal of "doing business in the machinery industry and going to the International Machinery Information Network", drawing members' opinions, and continuously introducing services that are suitable for the needs of machinery companies and the market. Machinery companies provide professional information services, create business opportunities, and help machinery companies achieve more business!
The International Machinery Information Network (cnpansky.com) is willing to sincerely cooperate with government agencies, industry associations, media / magazines, markets, 53Ʊpapers, online platforms, and machinery companies related to the machinery industry to promote business exchanges in the global machinery market!

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