By chance, I found "International Machinery Information Network" when searching for products online! And try to join the free member of your website, haha! Do n’t know. After using it, it feels like a treasure. International Machinery Information Network has many incomparable advantages. Please see my summary after use: 1. The page is clear, neat and smooth, and the speed of page opening Very fast, making it easy and intuitive for members to use, huh, friends in use must feel the same! 2. The website provided to members is smooth, generous, rich and detailed. From the free upload of corporate honor certificate to the dynamic display of the floating window of the corporate image in the company introduction, the company's strength is full and enjoyable. Show it in front of customers, so that customers can learn more about our company and increase their trust in the company. This is almost not available on other websites. Yes, free members can only Don't even think about owning me! I only pay for it on other websites, and the International Machinery Information Network provides such a platform for all members for free. He did achieve the innovation of "improving our procurement efficiency and reducing our procurement costs". I think it is very good. Why don't you all try it! ? Look at my certificate of honor, see the dynamic presentation of my company introduction, if you are a customer, do you have an impulse and desire to buy my company's products! ? This is the charm of the International Machinery Information Network, which provides all our users with a rare opportunity to show the strength of the enterprise for free. Well, thanks to the International Machinery Information Network! 3. Secondly, I would like to talk about the superiority of the supply information release in the background management of "International Machinery Information Network". The editor of the supply department can not only edit the text of the supply information, but also has the ability to upload wonderful products indefinitely. The power of pictures! What's even more valuable is that the maximum number of Chinese characters that can accommodate supply information in this editor is up to 20,000 characters! Other similar websites generally can only accommodate 1000 Chinese characters, and some are only 2,000 characters at best! International Machinery Information Network-give you land again, let you enjoy yourself! In addition, all the supply information in the background can be re-sent in batches at once-you can re-send your supply information in batches anytime, anywhere, anytime, and there is no limit on the number of times. It is very convenient and saves you a lot of time and energy! Friend, are you still hesitating? Hurry up and join the International Machinery Information Network! Such a good e-commerce platform, as long as your business has strength-it is difficult to do business without it! I only joined the International Machinery Information Network for a few days (meeting hate late). There are still many advantages to be discovered and summarized in the process of using. I sincerely hope that everyone will have a lot of business and gain on this e-commerce platform. A lot, a lot of success! For more than 20 years since our company was established, (our company is Changzhou Wuying Reducer Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1984, is a fixed-point unit specializing in the production of cycloidal pin gear reducers) and has never been on the Internet e-commerce platform. I have done promotion, so that my company ’s strength and advantages have not been well displayed to the majority of users through the Internet. In the second half of last year, our company paid attention to this content, and registered and posted information on several websites, letting My company is most satisfied with this "International Machinery Information Network" website! On the third day after I registered a free member and posted the supply information, there were two enquiries from the International Machinery Information Network, and another one came on the fourth day. (Each customer we have to inquire about which website from which it is convenient for statistics. Summary) Inquiry, haha! One of three in two days made a business! If this continues, the company's performance will be completely predictable if it sticks to the International Machinery Information Network. Thank you for your website providing such a good opportunity, and thank you for your exchange of e-commerce experience, thank you!
Changzhou Wuying Reducer Machinery Co., Ltd. Website: http://hj5802512.cnpansky.com Mr. He

Our company is Shenzhen Hengfeng Group Electric Co., Ltd., which specializes in the production and sales of automatic shoe polishers and automatic shoe cover machines. It has a professional technical team to serve customers. Now is a society with a very fierce market competition. To survive in this environment, we must seek more channels to promote our products, let more people understand our products, and pave the way for sales. The previous method was to accumulate resources by the salesperson running the customer by himself, and to promote the product through paper media. With the development of the society and the advent of the Internet era, we have found a best publicity method in the current era --- the Internet . Last year, our company registered a user name on the International Machinery Information Network and became one of the free members. The application we use most is the business opportunity publishing service. The mechanical opportunity publishing is very convenient and the review is fast, so that the business opportunities we publish can be displayed on the network quickly, so that more customers can find us more easily. Achieved a very good publicity effect. Many customers telephoned to inquire about the product, which brought a welcome change to our sales. I also took full advantage of the opportunity retransmission function of Mechatronics. As long as I have time to go online, I will use the original Reposted business opportunities that have been posted so that my business opportunities are at the forefront and make it easier for customers to find my product! At the same time, I can also use the corporate encyclopedia provided by Mechanical Communication to search for my customers. The number of customers in the corporate encyclopedia is now several million. The number is large, which is more conducive to finding my target customers and reducing my search. The precious time of customers has allowed me to accumulate a lot of customers in a short time. It is believed that with the increase in the number of international mechanical information networks, our business opportunities will achieve better publicity, our products can be understood by more customers, and my products will also have more buyers! I hope that Mechatronics is getting hotter and hotter, and at the same time, it will bring more business opportunities to businesses!
Shenzhen Hengfeng Group Electric Co., Ltd.

Doing business in the machinery industry, going to the international machinery information network , the entrepreneur records that the company was originally an unknown enterprise. Since joining the international machinery information network of Guiwang in March 2005, the company's hot-fill bottle blowing machine business There are many changes, such as Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia; Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries as far as South Asia, often call the bottle blowing machine business, and order eight units at a time for Filipino customers. Machinery Network has made me never understand e-commerce to loyal customers. Now that I have completed my business, I also hope that more entrepreneurs can thrive in business. I have written down my experience and hope that all machinery companies can achieve more online. trading. Thanks again to the International Machinery Information Network and all the comrades who work hard to serve the machinery network enterprises!
Taizhou Huangyan Renyi Plastic Product Factory

International Machinery Information Network gives me the first impression of e-commerce <br> This factory (Luqiao Bihui Air Compressor Factory) mainly produces air compressors. After understanding the existing Internet search products and services, I feel that many network products are used Plug-in support. It is now found that plug-ins are becoming more and more chaotic and more and more; search engines are mostly searching for information, and the business atmosphere is not too strong. After a strange phone call in July last year, I was introduced to the International Machinery Information Network which I want to introduce now.
International Machinery Information Network is a professional platform with small investment and wide coverage. While promoting our products on the Internet, they will also participate in machinery exhibitions in various places, so that our promotion can be more comprehensive, and you can enjoy without exhibiting. The effect of the trade fair is far greater than the promotional samples distributed by myself on the brand, because I am an advertisement on the machinery network. In addition, their international machinery information network cooperates with major industry platforms and professional magazines and local machinery associations. Such publicity efforts have ensured the views of our members.
In less than half a month, the fax came, and I was a stranger customer. I was curious. I called back and consulted, and the result was seen on the International Machinery Information Online.
With the growth of time, more and more customers have known and contacted us through the machinery network, and they have conducted business consultation and trade negotiations, which has greatly expanded our sales scope, sales and business volume. Before this, there was no online promotion and I couldn't believe the online virtual market. Now think about it, thanks to the International Machinery Information Network and the business manager who called me.
Taizhou Luqiao Bihui Air Compressor Factory

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