International Machinery Information Network has a high number of visits and influence, and has a high reputation and reputation in the industry. It is the leader of the current machinery industry platform. In order to accelerate the realization of our great goals, we invite the following talents to join us at high salary. as follows:
Contact: Miss WuTel: 0576-84217712
Email: shuanwo@gmail.com
Address: 9th Floor, 4th Building, Huangyan Rose Bay Community, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

Java Software Engineer:
Job description: Responsible for product design, development, testing and maintenance, and write related documents.
Job Requirements:
1. Proficient in web programming, more than one year of experience in web development using Java language, familiar with html, javascript.
2, proficient in jsp, servlet, java bean, Jdbc development, familiar with J2EE specifications, familiar with various common design patterns.
3. Familiar with design and development based on Mysql and Oracle.
4. Know the Linux operating system and be familiar with CVS operation.
5. Have good software engineering knowledge and quality awareness.
6. Have a strong interest in technology, like to study, and have good learning ability.
7. Good communication skills and teamwork skills.
The following takes precedence:
1. Have j2EE design experience and have a deep understanding of object-oriented design and developers
2. Experience in platform development.

.Net programmer:
Job description: Design and development of large e-commerce websites.
Job Requirements:
1. 1 year of .net development experience;
2. Proficient in .Net programming, including C #, asp.net, xml, javascript, SQL SERVER and other related programming knowledge;
4. Good document writing skills;
5. Master the idea of object-oriented design and development;
6. Have a strong interest in technology, like to study, have good learning ability;
7. Good communication skills and teamwork skills;

Sales Representative:
description of job:
1. Have more than 1 year sales work experience;
2. Good verbal expression skills and communication skills;
3. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, is full of collaboration and team spirit, is positive, confident, dedicated, and has a pioneering spirit;
4. Have strong professional ambition and desire to challenge high salary;
5, love sales, love the Internet industry.

Web designer:
Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above, engaged in website design for more than 1 year;
2. Rich design concept, unique style, and art experience are preferred.

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