Mechanical Connect Member Application >> Ad Rank Service Lifetime VIP service
元/年 或2980元永久 WeChat website 500 yuan / year or 2980 yuan perpetual
membership service Corporate members 1800 yuan Individual member 1280 yuan Free Member
Basic services
Shops (website) Unlimited upgrade of showroom style Unlimited upgrade of showroom style Unlimited upgrade of showroom style
Identity sign Obvious sign Obvious sign No
International domain names
Register Contact QQ Online Customer Service
Xxxx .cn (70 yuan / year) Xxxx .cn (70 yuan / year) xx.cnpansky.com
Number of products released 3000 3000 300
Business Ranking Priority individuals, free members Priority Free Member By credit and registration time
Product Ranking All product keywords are displayed first Priority over free membership Update time by business room
Credit 20 minutes / year 10 minutes / year No points
Showroom services
Job Offers Have Have Have
Public Service Advertising no no Have
function list
Participate in auction rankings can can can
Golden advertisement can can can
Number of products updated in one day (under development) 5 3 1
Product order Instant adjustment Instant adjustment stand by
Product classification adjustment Instant adjustment Instant adjustment stand by
Product Custom Classification provide provide provide
Opportunity message Have Have Have
Upgrade service products can can can
53Ʊ Member Recommendation Random recommendation Random recommendation No
Exhibition Online Booking can can can
Exhibition Generation Information 3 times / year 1 time / year No
Exhibition schedule notice System reminder System reminder no
Review time Usually 1 working day Usually 1 working day Usually 6 working days
Companies ranked in search engines first 10 first 10 no
Expert Services (Perfect) Voluntary application Voluntary application Voluntary application
Mass Broadcasting (Perfect) Yes, pay extra Yes, pay extra No
Human translation service Preferential services pay in full pay in full
Electronic fax Preferential services Preferential services pay in full
SMS system (under development) Have Have no
Value-added services (domain name, space) Enjoy the discount Enjoy the discount Do not enjoy
Mechanical network service training Have Have No
Customer Service Specialist Service Have Have No
Soft text on behalf of Have Have No

When the new version of the International Machinery Information Network is successfully launched, the special policies are as follows:
Apply for Mechanical Link Membership 1. Give the English version of Mechanical Website for one year;
2. Gold advertising for three months;
3. Supply channel recommends member recommendation for 2 weeks;
Personal Mechanical Link Member Free English version of Mechanical Network for one year; Supply Channel members recommended by Mechanical Connect;
Contact: Mr. Chen 0576-84217712 13058894897

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